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Enter the future of dental assisting career training! Our self- paced online program allows you to learn when you want, where you want, and at the pace you desire — at an amazing price!

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Welcome to Dental Assisting Online. This online course provides an interactive, easy-to-follow course for dental assisting students. Designed to follow the chapters in your textbook, this course provides additional resources with added images, interactive activities (Virtual Lab), and meaningful review.

This course is designed to:​

  • Be used without classroom instruction. (Tutors Encouraged)

  • Provide affordable learning experience for $1,000 (only $500 with promo code) plus course material & book fee.

  • Provide current and tested industry standards of dental assisting practice

  • Be easy to follow and to use with a variety of support resources

  • Make difficult concepts understandable through the use of video, graphics, and quality instructional design

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"I found this course highly resourceful! I loved the self-paced experience!!! I started working in my first dental office within 30 days of taking this course. I'm even considering becoming a tutor and making some extra income based on what I learned through ODAS."

Brittney R.

"I was always board in the traditional class setting. ODAS gave me the flexibility to learn at my own pace. I also, really liked the virtual labs. My tutor was able to video me at her dental office and connect the virtual lab with actual procedures and materials. I recommend this style of learning to everyone."

Celine M.

"I graduated high school a few months ago, wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. A good friend suggested ODAS. Once I learned it was self-paced, I was all ears. The experience was life changing and I recommend ODAS to anyone graduating high school who's looking to get straight into the workforce in very little time."

Addison C.

"I was already a dental assistant when I heard about ODAS. I needed a course that could give me some refresher training to take my state board exam. ODAS mock state dental board exams were amazing! They really prepared me for the state exam which I passed with flying color!"

Hasaan P

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